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Zalgo is a powerful archdemon who ruled Limbo for a few millennia. He is the origin of corruption, and was a major plot device in the RP Zalgo's End, as well as a minor plot device in multiple RPs afterwards.

Biography Edit

Zalgo once was a top agent for hell, however, for some mysterious reason, he defected and instead decided to overthrow the old master of Limbo, and bent the right hand man, Ataxia, to his control. He would then rule for a few
Clash of the Titans - Sigma Zalgo vs Atlas (1920x1080)-16-9-

The last battle between Atlas(Left) and Zalgo (Right).

millennia, but ruling Limbo wasn't enough for Zalgo, he wanted more, so he started invading all possible realms until he found resistance in the Over-World, a small group of heroes faced the demon protecting their realm, some of them were corrupted by Zalgo and acted as a shell for the demon in the Over-World. But when Zalgo thought he already conquered the Over-World, Atlas raised from his human body and in the last battle defeated Zalgo once for all.

Legacy Edit

Zalgo created the infectious substance known as "corruption" as a weapon for domination. When he died in Zalgo's End, this corruption went feral, and has since caused several incidents when infecting more powerful entities.

Trivia Edit

  • Zalgo is actually the name of a creepypasta.
  • The thread started off as a "corrupted usernames" thread. It later got taken over by role-players.
  • Zalgo's character doesn't belong to any participant, he was used by diverse users during the RPs