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The Wattz 1000 laser pistol is an electro-laser pistol designed by Wattz Electronics. The pistol is commonly used by civilians with a license, but also by military and police because it's practically a rapid fire response gun. For security, it can be locked down for transport, with a proper arming sequence needed to render it operable again. It's commonly found in the weapons market for only 220 GC.


Wattz 1000 Projectile

Wattz 1000's projectile color.

The pistol is an energy-based weapon. It fires a high velocity blue laser beam, giving the impression that the projectile instantly hit the target. Despite its rapid velocity, the projectile is not powerful and is quickly stopped by light armor, requiring multiple shots to pierce it. Since it's an ionized beam, however, it can deal great damage against shields and electronic counterparts. It uses energy cells as ammunition. Because of this low power, the weapon can shoot few consecutive times before fully discharging. The Wattz 1000 only has a semiautomatic mode, but its voltage settings allow you to improve its fire rate with lower settings or improve its firepower in higher settings, although putting it in its highest voltage is not recommended because it reduces the lifetime of the weapon since it can damage its delicate components. The Wattz has a security lock feature, with a proper arming sequence needed to render it operable again. This is useful for transport of the weapon since its trigger is very sensitive.
Glock Wattz

The Glock 86(top) and Wattz 1000(bottom).

The weapon's shape is the same of the Glock 86 Heavy Plasma Pistol, since the Wattz company shares the rights of the weapon shape with the Glock company, both weapons look completely identical at a distance, with some minor differences. This sometimes can lead into confusion. Even so, both weapons are legal.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon is free to be used by any character, meaning that anyone can buy a Wattz 1000 laser pistol without explaining how or why.