Thressilye is a desolated planet in the remote Jarfar System. There's very little known about the planet, the only thing known is that Thressilye is a lifeless planet covered on ice with constant blizzards, rendering scanners unable to track anything on the planet surface.



Thressilye's surface is composed mainly of water in solid form, giving the planet its white color from the orbit. The planet holds in ice the equivalent of what Earth has in liquid water. 

Thressilye landscape

The entire Thressilye's surface is covered with snow

There's almost no vegetation around the planet surface, because of the low temperatures, only a few species of moss are found in the depressions carved by the constant winds on the planet. The constant winds also contributes to the creation of the frozen plains and mountains which are predominant on Thressilye's surface.

Beneath all the snow, there's a layer of solid rock which impedes the planet's core temperatures rising to the surface and melt the ice, only at a few places there are geysers which make warm lakes. The exception to all this is the salt water oceans of the planet. Types of fish have been spotted in these waters, although large fish are typically deeper in the sea.


Thressilye's climate is hostile, with freezing temperatures below -80ºC at night, there's few life forms that could survive at this temperature, also there are constant blizzards harassing the surface, preventing most of the scanners to work
Thressilye blizzard

Thressilye has constant blizzards harassing the surface.

on the surface, cutting all external communication with the orbit and nearby systems.

Even so, Thressilye could possibly support human life, since there's enough oxygen in the atmosphere and it has water, but only the most intrepid adventurers would risk their lives to establish a colony on a planet with conditions as hostile as Thressilye presents.

History Edit

The Ancient Species Edit

For millions of years this planet had another Apex species on it which flourished for a long time. It was capable of making incredibly complex technologies which allowed them to create complex AIs and make entire battle-fleets teleport instantly. Long before Victa even existed they became extinct from an unknown cause.

The Ice Age Edit

Long after the species died out it is theorized that an ice age started, which is still present to this day. It is unknown whether or not the ice age actually caused the mass extinction or if it was just a plain coincidence.

Interaction With Victa Primus Edit

For an even longer amount of time than the species which originally inhabited the planet had even existed, the Victa primus had been trying to get into the planet but had been stopped by a defense system that was made to protect the planet. After millions of years the Victa primus finally beat it with the help of humans. The planet is currently being researched and has been recorded as Boreas' home, the first Victa glaciem ever discovered by humans or Victa primus alike.