The Darkness Den is a planet that is estimated to have reached the end of its civilization around 140 years ago. The planet is absolutely covered up to the ankle in Corruption and ancient, broken down structures dot it's landscape.

Description Edit

Geology Edit

The surface of The Darkness Den is easily described as broken. The earth is dry and cracked, the rivers are tainted and foaming with corruption and ruins scatter the landscape as far as the eye can see. Other than this the planet is considerably smaller than Earth, almost less than third of its size. The air has around 25% air, making it slightly toxic to breathe.

Climate Edit

The climate is rather hot, but still livable. Being almost desert like, the planet is mostly dead, slowly being left to decay. Life is on it's rarest and corruption rules supreme as the apex. The ecosystem is incredibly unbalanced, forcing the corruption into hibernation in many areas of the planet.

Colonies Edit

There are approximately two outposts built on the planet, and both of which are created by mysterious droids from The Sepulchral. These colonies are both highly secure from Corruption, and built to avoid contamination.

History Edit

Before Apocalypse Edit

Before the apocalypse the planet was mostly populated with an unusual civilization. They most likely fell under reptilian classification and most likely had chameleon like tongues, from what we know of Soras.

Lijosu's Death Edit

In a quest to somehow restart what is left of the universe, Lijosu attempted to send the whole lot of the corruption in The Darkness Den to Earth and then would proceed to Mars. He almost succeeded before committing suicide for an unknown reason.

Discovery of Soras Edit

Soras was discovered in a broken building, sitting on a pedestal. He was unresponsive until he was taken off of the pedestal, so he could very well have been forced asleep while touching it.

The Sepulchral Edit

During The Sepulchral's gradual rise they set up small colonies on several planets, The Darkness Den being one of them.

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