The Tesla Sword is a weapon that utilizes the plasma created when electricity passes through the air around the blade to significantly increase the cutting power of the sword. Powerful electromagnets are used to control the plasma and electricity flowing along the edge of the blade. The blade is made of a Titanium Carbon-Steel alloy and the hilt contains an Electronium battery that was specifically designed for this version.

Usage Edit

This version Tesla sword can be used with two hands or one since it is designed like a Bastard sword.


  • The Tesla Sword can easily cut through a 3 inch thick sheet of steel while it is on state.
  • The Tesla Sword can clash with a Lightsaber in its on state.
  • This version of the Tesla Sword is less volatile will not explode on contact with certain materials.
  • If the Electromagnets on the Tesla sword are disabled it becomes a very deadly laser.
  • The Tesla sword should be used with insulating gloves.
  • If a wound is made by the Tesla Sword in its on state it will be instantly cauterized.
  • The Tesla Sword's battery can be used for 8 hours before it needs charging.

Important Notes Edit

  • This weapon is restricted, meaning that the use of this weapon (as well their current concepts) are forbidden to be used without consent of the author.