But... Why...?

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The Tesla knife is a weapon that combines the (sometimes) explosive Tesla energy of the Tesla blade with a knife. The blade is made of a titanium carbon-steel alloy and has electromagnets along the spine (back) to control the the Tesla energy flowing along the edge, the handle contains a Protonium battery which is surrounded by a carbon fiber grip.

Abilities and Usage Edit

The Tesla knife can be used for typical knife things like stabbing, slashing, cutting and it can also be thrown but it is not advised since it is not made to be. The only difference is that it has Tesla energy flowing around the edge of the blade which will either shock you or explode on contact with certain things. The Tesla knife has five settings:

  • Shock
  • Explode on contact with metal
  • Explode on contact with electronics
  • Explode in a set time
  • Explode on contact with electricity

The Tesla energy on the blade can also be turned off and does so automatically if it runs our of power. If it is off it is just as deadly as any other knife can be.