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Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Shade is one of many siblings. He is smaller and weaker than normal for a Slimmekatachtige. Knowing he was the runt or the litter, he resorted to his cleverness and agility to keep up with the rest.

History Edit

The Incident Edit

His inquisitiveness and hobby of tinkering with dangerous things brewed up a bad outcome one day. Shade had constructed an explosive weapon, which malfunctioned at some point, leaving him traumatized. To this day he has been riddled with a fear of explosives and explosions.

Skills Edit

Making/Modding weapons Edit

Shade has a talent for modifying weapons, be it to augment them or compact them. However when it comes to creating weapons from scratch, he isn't as skilled or experienced.

Chemistry/Science Edit

Aside from his weapons savvy, Shade knows his chemistry quite well. He uses his knowledge to devise chemicals he uses for self experimentation. It should be considered that this hobby could be the one that ends his life.

Gear Edit

The M.E.W Edit

The M.E.W is a fully automatic modded plasma pistol made by Shade for personal use. Shade's feline anatomy restricts him from use of a majority of firearms, thus he modified the M.E.W. to allow him to handle it properly and engage it. Failure of this feature would make melee his only means of defense.

Tesla claws Edit

Tesla claws are a Katachtige's best weapon. They are based on Katachtige instincts of melee combat, though Shade's physical weakness limits his ability to use them. He chooses to use them only when absolutely necessary.