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Doven is a small rogue moon, located within the Feltzin System. It is the location of Pann Co. Robotics main robot factory, which takes up a fourth of the moon (Not Shown in preview).

Geography Edit

There isn't much special about Doven's surface. It is a rocky wasteland with lots of grass and a breathable atmosphere. Beneath the surface is a system of caves, filled with water and was once rich in crystals.

Points of Interest Edit

Pann Co. Robotics Facility D Edit

A large industrial park,

Pann Co. Robotics Facility D

taking up one fourth of the moon. It is heavily defended, with a fusion shield and is entirely self-sufficient in power. It is surrounded by high walls with towers. It was destroyed by Quartex while the group was in Limbo.

Trivia Edit

  • Buster was abandoned on Doven, and was uncovered after the attack.
  • Doven is a reference to planets Dobbo and Hoven, from Ratchet and Clank.
    • The Plant resembles Dobbo's testing facility in terms of style.
  • Patricia managed to successfully infiltrate the facility unharmed. Interestingly, her appearance was going to happen directly in the scene Ordi was created in, but was scrapped due to time and fear it would cause confusion without proper context.