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The following article is no longer being updated. It's content has been retired from regular RP use by its respective author. It is now legacy content.

Mr. Cake is the leader of a security agency group that successfully crippled a lot of CF-A air power with espionage, revolutions, and a lot of technology stealing.

Has a fine skill of fighting with swords and such.

Capabilities, Weaknesses and Behavior Edit

Cake is usually more hostile around politics he dislikes but keeps his composure and keeps a calm voice

  • Fighting him close range will be a very risky move since he is incredibly quick and deadly with swordsmanship but if you were attacking him with a melee weapon he would parry you and gut your body in less than 10 seconds.
  • His speed, while running after you, is quite surprising and can catch up with you quickly if you're not careful
  • His fears are cats for a really irrational reason but it is negated if a dog is nearby
  • He can pace himself better than most people in breathing but due to an allergy he is vulnerable to marijuana smoking
  • He is also very weak when it comes to drinking, usually 1 light beer bottle will make him extremely drunk.
  • He is intelligent and is quite capable with chemicals and explosives, but he won't be able to solve an extremely complex mathematical equation if he was given a specific deadline for it.
  • His leadership skills on strategy are decent but can lead to slip ups from time to time.
  • Another weakness that he has is nearsightedness due to a genetic modification for night-vision.
  • Never trust cake with a gun ever, just no ...

Trivia Edit

  • A rumored reason why anyone in Cakes bloodline says 'Hmmm' or 'Mmmmm' is probably likely due to an ancestor from the medieval ages that guarded a fortress that was never attacked until that guard died, The guard's quote 'Hmmm'.
  • It's unknown if cake is one of the 3rd generation leaders of The Crimson Orders or a 4th generation, since it has been rumored that The Crimson Order might had been founded in 2076.
  • It's unknown why Mr.Cake was his alias, when his real name was Andrew. It could possibly be a reference to a video game character that was free to play though.