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Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

The only information known about King is that he used to be a pet, until his owner died of old age.

Personality and TraitsEdit

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Currently Engaged to Pasithee, Sandwiches pet human.


Has legally been registered as Sandwich's Pet after he started sharing a room with Pasithee. 

Character stats and skill treeEdit

King current statsEdit

The following table shows the character’s point distribution, revealing his strengths and weakness:




Explosives 10 He likes to blow up things.
Ranged 6 Extremely skilled at marksmanship.
Agility 3 Can get on all fours and run very fast.
Tech 2 Learnt a few tricks from his previous owner.
Ally In danger 2 No man left behind.
Swimming 2 He's a fishie.
Energy Weapons 1 Trained in usage of all weaponry.
Intelligence 1 Im Smert.
Dry environments -1 He needs to remain hydrated constantly.
Strength -3 His size means he can't lift much.


The following list containts all character's relevant traits:

  • Does not respond well to exceedingly loud noises.
  • Incredibly short attention span.
  • Has deadpool-esque regenerative tissue. takes more time to recover depending on the seriousness of the wound. (can take days to recover from loss of limbs, etc.)
  • Can suffer from drastic mood and personality changes depending on the music he listens to.

Details and Gear Edit

Origins: Genetic experiments

Attributes: Healing skin (They were some wierd scientists)

Favourite weapon: Modified 49-00 Grenade launcher, with several, several different types of ammunition stored in a mock-up spatial storage bag. These include: Mass reaction rounds, Impact rounds, smoke rounds, Grav-wells and Proctonium rounds. Also has a translator in his Top-hat.

Alternate weapon: Gauss rifle custom built by Pasithee for him, as normal snipers were just far too large for someone his size.

Favourite food: Algae

Backpack: grenade launcher ammo, Gauss rifle ammo, Cutting torch, Duct tape, Mines, C4, An elephant tranquiliser and a Lunchbox.

The K.I.P.P.E.REdit

The K.I.P.P.E.R is King's ship, a small interceptor with a VERY large missile launcher and several shield drones that can be deployed on tactical missions.

King of Booms Edit

The music, King of Booms, is King's theme.