Hestia was designed as a warmind to defend and govern the homeworld in case of an emergency, she is known to stay in contact with the empress and is suspicious of everyone she meets, even if she knows you.


Hestia is currently stationed on Aquella, commanding the Kithsine fleets in orbit and providing security for the Daitech HQ and Kithsine embassy, she was created shortly after Daikael's arrival to the dimension, and has few accomplishments.


Antigrav GeneratorEdit

This device allows Hestia to lighten herself or allow her to float, allowing for increased movement.

Self RepairEdit

Hestia is capable of repairing herself while on the battlefield

Extremely sensitive sensesEdit

Hestia, being a machine, her senses are far more effective than most living creatures, allowing for her to see further, hear more clearly, a detect vibrations far more effectively than most others.

Active Shield SystemEdit

Hestia is equipped with an experimental shield system, it can block any attacks that are used against it. This shields sole weakness is that Hestia must actively purge the data created from using the system, the more objects hitting the shield the faster she must purge to keep the shield up, in other words, it is weak against rapid fire weapons.


  • Remote Photon Cannons: Hestia is equipped with 4 photon cannons that can be operated simultaneously and remotely, each is equipped with a basic sensors package.
  • Longswords: Hestia uses two thruster-assisted longswords, allowing for the blade to reach higher velocities in a much shorter space, these swords blades are superheated to cut through most substances with ease
  • Flashbangs: Hestia's only grenades she carries are flashbangs
  • 2 high power laser pistols