Gloomy (Gloom) is one of Sandwich's children and possessor of the Iron Blade. Gloomy could be considered a mage, due to his use of unexplained supernatural events. Most people call him Gloom as a nickname.

History Edit

Gloom started his early life as a student to his parents, who were both researchers. At a young age he fell victim to an incredibly mysterious disease, which seemed impossible to cure since the parasites which caused it appeared to be immortal. Quickly the disease was diagnosed terminal.

Humans Edit

When his mother, Sandwich, left to visit a newly discovered and living form of life, Gloom was one of the children who was less surprised. At the time he was under a great deal of depression. Both his parents were busy at work while he struggled with his disease. Soon it got to the point were he would die with in a weeks time.

The Cure Edit

The humans that visited found no cure. What they did find is that the parasites were vulnerable to iron and reacted poorly to it. As well as this, Gloomy figured out how to hook the parasites' brains to nanobots to be easily managed and prevent them from being harmful. Despite this, they still cause him harm. The parasites are just no longer lethal.

Blades of Destiny Edit

In the thread Blades of Destiny, Gloomy gained a sense of adventure and sneaked away from the nursery to find one of his own. He managed to get to a maze by traveling on Mocking Jay's ship, where he joined many other people in an expedition. He came out with a legendary sword named The Iron Blade and a mysterious spell book titled The Book of Defensive Spells and Tomes.

Heir to the Blood lead Defense Edit

After the events of the maze, Gloom saw the potential in his abilities to apply to be a candidate to become the leader of the Blood lead Defense. After several years of training and trials, Gloomy became the Heir to the Blood lead Defense.

Themes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Gloomy slowly becomes powerful over time, but as he gets more powerful his parasites cause him more pain.
  • He can get rid of his parasites temporarily by forcing them into anything made of iron or iron alloy, and destroying the immobilized parasites.