The Ardoris Volucris are large, bipedal humanoid insects.


They are about seven feet tall on average, and are completely covered a in an exoskeleton which vary in colors of gray and green. Their legs are very strong, and can exert tremendous force with kicks. They are capable of spitting potent acid from their mouths. Their mouth-parts are rather complex, starting on the outside with a extremely strong jaw, capable of snapping human bone with a serrated edge. Within the mouth, they have a pair of sharp mandibles used to cut flesh. Finally, they have a prehensile proboscis. They have four arms, the males' secondary arms are significantly less developed then that of the females.


They hunt in packs, using the acid they spit to blind their prey. When hunting large prey, they will latch onto the prey with their powerful jaws. They use their mandibles to cut into the flesh, and their acid to liquefy the flesh inside, and use their proboscis to suck up the product. The climb into trees and await for prey to pass beneath and pounce from above.


Their society is hive-based, groups are divided for specific jobs- hunting, construction, planning, etc. They are known to make interpersonal connections, and are very friendly to other species.


Their technology is very low-end in comparison to other species. They have developed basic rocket technology and satellites, but past that are still developing.


The reproductive process of the Volucris begins with the females entering fertility, which occurs every few months, usually in large groups They begin to produce eggs, which are stored in sacs on the lower back. They emit pheromones which alert the males' bodies, which begin to produce large amounts of sex cells. Once the female's eggs are ready to be fertilized, the male locates a warm damp environment to lay the eggs, and they begin the mating process. They stand back to back, and the female expels the eggs and vents on the back of the male's pelvis release sperm onto the eggs. Before, during, and for some time after, the female is fiercely territorial, and will attack any creature that is not a member of their species. Upwards of 30 offspring are produced.